General Information

There will be a number of ministry opportunities for service within NGMM. These fall into three basic categories. 

  • Singers
  • Musicians; and 
  • Support


Perhaps initially, singers might like to join the CHOIR. This will be a chance to engage in an uplifting relatively informal time of singing. We will be looking at well-known hymns and gospel music with the aim of increasing our standard so that we might in time perform publicly. But, importantly, the choir practices should also be viewed as a chance to have a good old sing-a-long for those who are presently starved of chances to sing the much-loved older-style hymns and gospel songs. This will give both experience and real enjoyment to those involved. Simple music theory will be taught along the way.

Some in the choir will naturally progress to form into duets, trios, quartets, ensembles  etc. and feature in public performances and presentations (as well as ministering to NGMM members). A much higher level of singing ability and confidence will be required for these groups. These singers would not be excluded from the choir, and in fact, continued involvement with the CHOIR would be encouraged and much appreciated. At an even higher level would be the featured soloists. These would be drawn from those who have demonstrated  the required ability in trios, quartets etc. – though there would also be a small number of featured artists (from outside the group) who would periodically augment the presentations of the Ministry as their circumstances would permit.


Musicians would be required for all facets of the Ministry. While their role would be primarily to support the singers, in addition to  accompaniment, they would also need to infill at times with instrumental interludes as well as occasionally provide instrumental items. A high level of spontaneity would be essential with some of the group having leadership abilities to allow them to “take the initiative” and play and “lead” others appropriately in many varying and sometimes demanding situations. 

Piano and Organ would be the core accompaniment and these particular musicians would be the “key players” in the group. In addition to piano & organ there is much scope for the inclusion of numerous other instruments as music selection and instrument compatibility allows.


Support  in logistics will be fundamental to the ongoing activities of the Ministry. These helpers in various roles would allow the singers and musicians to focus fully at rehearsals and also make the inevitable final preparations for the performance at presentations without hindrance. An essential way of supporting the Ministry is prayer. Regular prayer times for the Ministry as well as other needs will be scheduled.