May we serve you?

NGMM is a ministry

We would like to encourage, uplift and Help you in your Christian walk through the Ministry of Gospel Music.
NGMM is here to help. Firstly—and let’s not underestimate this— the singers and musicians will benefit from our time singing and enjoying the timeless truths of the Gospel music.

But, we also seek the opportunity to encourage and uplift the Christian lives of others by sharing these wonderful melodies and messages in song with you.

NGMM will be holding “Sacred Concerts” from time to time where a wide range of “traditional” Gospel music will be presented. These concerts will feature CHOIR, and ARTISTS.

We also intend to hold Evangelical missions which will include the Preaching of the Word as well, as we are able.

Further, we hope to have available a small number of Gospel artists and groups who would be able to assist with musical items in a “Church Service” situation (or similar).

Requests for items in your local Church should be made through your Church Coordinator OR direct to NGMM through email. If you have any other ideas how NGMM can serve as a Ministry please let us know.

To contact by email please refer to “Contact Us” page.