Be Involved

The many opportunities for involvement include:


We need sopranos, altos, tenors and basses and anyone in-between! If you can sing in key, and want to sing the Gospel music of “yesteryear” then this is for you!!! We do not hold auditions and rely on your personal assessment of your ability. Soloists and small groups are very welcome as part of the choir, but also for individual items. Simply, If God is prompting you to sing, then you should sing!


If you can play organ, piano, keyboard, guitar, harmonica, brass, woodwind or any other instrument, please contact us! Please note that not all instruments will be used in all music. As music styles and moods vary, so too would an appropriate accompaniment. Because accompaniment is crucially linked to the singers, we might need to assess your suitability. (I would commend accompanists and note that generally they are under-recognised. Not so with us! We love you, we will appreciate you and we need you ! ! !)

Assistant Choirleaders

Assistant choirmasters and songleaders are required, too. But a willingness to accept and embrace the overall direction and discretion of the leader would be essential.

Vocal leaders

we need youVocal Leaders: If you are a strong “lead” singer, then we need you! Your experience and talent will help others and definitely assist overall. Oh, and if you are experienced in Gospel choirs, then this is for you!

Support - Logistics

There is need for some “nuts-and-bolts” people, too. These duties could include:

  • Church Coordinators to liaise with NGMM members in their Church and promote activities within their local Church (and further afield if possible).
  • Transporting, setting-up and operating PA equipment.
  • Music monitors for Organizing, distributing and collecting music.
  • Storing, transporting and setting-up musical instruments.
  • Ushering and property care at various venues.
  • Counselling for either first commitment OR re-dedication.

Support - prayer

Involvement in a regular prayer time is not only a wonderful means of support for those unable to involve directly, but should be considered by those actively involved in the music as well!

Make no mistake: we feel the undertaking of prayer support of this Ministry is crucial to our ongoing effectiveness.

Finally, and this is  very important: if you are busy or have health or energy issues and you are hesitating because you feel for any reason you would not be reliable, then you should still come. We understand what modern life does to us all, but want to welcome you at whatever level you can manage because we believe you can be a blessing to us and us to you ! !