About Us

NGMM Founder & Leader: Grahame Lingdren

Grahame was “born-and-bred” at Islington Baptist Church. This Church had a rich music ministry with a much-appreciated choir and regular items from many gifted members. Congregational singing especially was extraordinary. Many visitors commented about this.
Grahame fondly remembers involvement in this music ministry from his earlier years, and would also like to acknowledge the faithful preaching of the Word as being the infallible inspiration of Almighty God. Islington Baptist has an inspired Diaconate which has always steadfastly held to the truths of Scripture in all things. A rich heritage indeed.

Grahame has a soft spot for Gospel music, which he feels has helped to teach and ground him in the basic truths and principles of Scripture, and is still working in his life today!

Grahame feels that Gospel music with inherent truth can be instrumental in saving the lost and then is an essential part of a Christian’s growth, understanding, confidence and faithfulness in his/her walk with the Lord.

Grahame has sung as a soloist, in duets, trios, quartets and in numerous choirs. Grahame has also led a number of choirs, both large and small and also been songleader at various Services and meetings. Grahame currently attends Newcastle Baptist Tabernacle.

NGMM Chaplain: Vince Wall


Rev. Vince is pastor at Newcastle Baptist Tabernacle, Laman Street, Cooks Hill.

NGMM Musician: John ...